Business Security Incident Statistics

  1. Annual Cost of Cybersecurity Breaches Globally: Estimated at around $1.5 trillion.
  2. Revenue Loss Post-Cybersecurity Attacks: Nearly three-quarters of over 500 surveyed business leaders reported revenue losses of up to 25% following attacks.
  3. Increase in Ransomware Attacks: According to a 2019 report, ransomware attacks increased by 15% over one year and more than tripled in frequency over the previous two years.
  4. Average Cost of a Data Breach Globally (2018-2019): $3.92 million.
  5. Average Cost of a Data Breach for Larger Organizations (2018-2019): $5.11 million.
  6. Average Cost of a Data Breach for Smaller Organizations (500 to 1,000 employees, 2018-2019): $2.65 million.
  7. Time to Contain a Data Breach: Approximately 279 days on average.
  8. Average Cost per Record in a Data Breach: Approximately $150.
  9. Average Size of a Data Breach: 25,575 records.