GitHub Heroism

I’d like (just for one day) to remove my hoodie and acknowledge three engineers whose excellence continues to humble and inspire. Gladiators, I salute you…

Samy Kamkar – Cybersecurity Guru, this guy is so hard that he makes micro-computing and Software Defined Radio look easy.

Notable Projects: PoisonTap, SkyJack

Mike Perham – Creator of Sidekiq, bane of Monit‘s attorney, this soft-spoken business-savvy developer is the quietest king at any Ruby conference, so y’all betta act like ya know mang!

Notable Projects: Sidekiq, Faktory

Andrew Kane – This guy is behind so many fantastic gems that I sometimes wonder if he’s truly mortal. Michael Jackson made Thriller, but Andrew Kane made Blazer.

Notable Projects: Blazer, pghero (of course!), pgvector, chartkick, searchkick, ahoy, lockbox, blind_index…

Lest we forget.